Flight 89) Kuala Lumpur WMKK – Singapore WSSS

During my university years I studied 3D Modelling & Animation which consisted of many hours building various objects within virtual 3D software. One of the first projects I was given was to build a virtual copy of the Patronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Whilst researching the fine details of this building I developed some deeper appreciation of the architecture. Whilst Kuala Lumpur is not at the top of my destination bucket list, I would still very much enjoy visiting this city first hand and get to see the famous Petronas Towers close up.

Due to the rough weather of what I imagine must be monsoon season, I was unable to fly out of Kuala Lumpur for a number of weeks. Each time I would load the FSX simulator and check the weather through Active Sky, the weather enhancement addon, I would find the winds too strong for my small Baron G58. On one occasion I registered an IFR route so that I could gain permission to take off. The rain and lightening was daunting but wasn’t going to stop me from trying. I pointed the plane down the length of runway 14R and got into the air pretty quickly, only to find that the winds were incredibly strong and it would certainly not be possible to continue to fly safely. Making a very risky circuit of the airport, I was able to bring the plane back to earth. The tour would have to wait another day.


Over the following week I continued to check the weather forecast online as this was quicker than loading FSX each time. There was a short break in the bad weather which gave me enough time to take to the skies and reach my next destination of Singapore. So I opened the flight simulator and my Carenado Beechcraft Baron 58 to see patches of blue sky trying to peak through the heavy clouds above. At 10:00 it was raining and the airport surface shined with standing water lit occasionally by lightening flashes from the horizons.

This time I was very hesitant whilst taking off. I appreciated the additional flaps I used which allowed me to climb whilst maintaining much slower speeds in order to get above this bad weather. I was worried by the amount of stall warnings I was hearing whilst being buffeted around by the weather. It only took me several minutes of slow steady climbing to reach an altitude of 3,500 feet with the majority of the bad weather below my wings. I still wanted to climb higher though to get as far away from the storms as possible. By 10:30 I was pushing 10,000 feet. The thunder still rumbled from below but up here the air was much calmer and I was able to calm down somewhat.

When I was able to see the ground I could see that the terrain was pretty flat along the shore line and stretched to Muar and The Muar River. At 10:50 I could see another large storm front ahead of me and just as the rain began to hit the windscreen the thunder  kicked up once again. This time I could pick out 4 or 5 different sources of lightening in all directions. I really was in the middle of a pretty intense storm.


I did my best to pick my way through the clouds whilst trying to get as much height as possible. shortly after 11:00 my plane was shaking violently and I was expecting to fall out of the sky at any moment. The bumpy ride continued as I reached 14,000 feet pushing the small plane to its limits. If I was ever in this situation for real, I could safely say my hands would be sweating somewhat!

By the time I had reached Singapore I was extremely grateful to see that the storms were a good distance behind and I was able to catch a view of the Singapore skyline. My landing path took me out over some of the smaller islands as I lined up to land on Runway 2L. The lingering clouds made it pretty difficult to spot the runway and I as I came into land I was still passing through cloud. Despite the poor visibility I was able to touch down perfectly. I guess the additional stress fine tuned my abilities. Once I had parked and turned both engines off, I was able to listen to the distant thunder. It is strange how comforting the rumbles can be with distance to soften the sound. I can’t say the loud thunder claps I heard mid-flight were in anyway relaxing.

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Flight 88) Penang WMKP – Kuala Lumpur WMKK

Time to get back into the air and leave the beautiful sights of Penang behind. Today’s flight was to last a little over an hour with only 58 minutes estimated airtime. I thought as it was a short flight, I could afford some touring on the way so plotted a route which took me over some hills and small mountains.

After completing my checks and requested the appropriate take off radio messages I was soon rolling down runway 4 by 15:05. The tarmac suddenly turned into bright turquoise water as I headed South East towards land once more. I had full tanks so fuel was not a concern at all and I took advantage of staying low and fast.

I watched the clouds forming ahead which sheltered multiple thunder storms. I could hear them but it wasn’t until I was suddenly hit with a lot of very rough turbulence that I decided it would be safer to fly over them. Once I was above the bad weather I had to rely a little more on the GPS system in my Beech Baron as I was unable to see the ground too easily. I saw a runway displayed on the GPS and discovered that I was flying over Sultan Azlan Shah (WMKI)

Getting the occasional look at the hills below, I could still see low laying cloud and fog trapped within. This combined with the distant thunder certainly did well to create a sense of adventure. The weather was a lot clearer on the other side of the range of hills. The blue sky was now stretching out above me as the clouds dispersed and the winds died down. I even had a nice sun reflection coming off the wings. 2017-3-15_22-51-34-479Flying over the city of Kuala Lumpur I knew to look out for the iconic Petronas Towers and the bridge connecting the two. With a few airports to choose from in Kuala Lumpur I considered landing closer to the city but chose to stay with the International Airport at WMKK. Once I touched down on runway 14 left, I was given the longest list of instructions to taxi to my parking spot I had ever heard. (A5 A B7 T2 T3 F T5 T7 T6 T8.) I appreciate these messages may not mean anything to the uninitiated so to explain, simply consider each of the figures to represent a taxiway along the airport. Much in the same way you could follow the A1 M25, M23 when driving roads in Britain. After taxing for the longest distance so far on this tour I finally parked at 16:40 ready to see this amazing city.

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