The 80th Flight!

Flight number 80 would be the final flight of the original “Around the world in 80 flights” tour so this should be somewhat of a great achievement. However, due to the number of diversions and additional flights I have added to my own tour, despite reaching the 80th flight, I have not even reached my half way point.

Since leaving Edinburgh in the UK 3 years ago I have racked up over 54,000 Kilometres which works out at over 33,500 Miles! I have passed through 37 different countries whilst I have covered Europe and the length of Africa, all the way too Cape Town before continuing to The UAE and Middle East. I then covered the entire length of India or order to reach the Maldives Islands before returning North to the Himalayas and Mt. Everest. From the Himalayas I continued to Asia and across to Japan where I have now begun to double back on myself a little. This is simply so that I can loop further South as I make my way through the Pacific Islands and eventually reach Australia.

From my home in the UK, Australia will make my geographical half way point around the world. I feel that this should be celebrated more than the acknowledgement of my 80th flight. After all, I still have many more miles to go with many more countries to visit. Having significantly amended the original route I shall be completing a total of 203 flights before my wheels finally touch down in Edinburgh UK once more.

Whilst not mathematically nor geographically “half way,” I shall be considering my virtual arrival to the island of Hawaii to be the half way point of my Around The World Tour.
Hawaii to San Francisco is by far the longest flight I will have to negotiate during the tour and will need to heavily modify my tiny Beechcraft Baron 58 in order to make the huge distance but this is still some way off for flight number 120.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire time I have been completing this tour although I would love to hear from people who live in any of the places I have already, or am yet to visit. See below for the offical route map and for the full list of destinations I shall be visiting (virtually.)


Blue Pins = Offical 80 Flights Route
Red Pins = Addional Destinations Added By Me
Yellow Pins = Points Of Interest I Shall Not Land At.

Please continue to follow my virtual adventures around the world and leave comments to help me to make it that little bit more realistic.

“I’ve always wanted to see the world…”

Today I embark on an epic voyage of discovery. I shall be flying around the whole world all from the comfort of my own leather reclining office chair.

For years I have wanted to travel and explore as much as the world as possible. For me, my understanding of life is to experience as many things in life as possible. Of course everyone will have their own limits as to how far outside of their comfort zone they wish to step. However, as with most things in life these experiences usually cost a lot of money and this for me is not possible. Although I work hard at the jobs I do, my years within retail does not allow me to save any money towards luxuries such as holidays. I am not fortunate enough to afford the costs of plane tickets and hotel rooms which would be needed to fund a week’s holiday, let alone to tour the entire world. For now, the reality of those dreams shall be placed on hold.

For many years throughout my childhood and into my adult life, I have had a passion for aviation and would love to take to the skies and what better way to travel the world than by air. I shall be taking advantage of the technology I have to hand in order to achieve this around the world adventure. Microsoft Flight Simulator X with several add-ons including REX and EZDock, will provide my aircraft, whilst Google Earth, YouTube, and various other sources shall provide me with a sense of education to each area I cover.

Amelia Earhart mysteriously disappeared when originally flying this 80 leg tour in 1937 whilst attempting to set a world record. I, on the other hand, am taking a leisurely attitude to my journey.



Amelia Earhart