A bit about me…

I don’t actually have any experience in flying aircraft myself. Just a life long interest in aviation.

I grew up near the great air museums of Duxford and The Shuttleworth Collection in the UK. I would visit these places on many of their flying days and would marvel at the range and performance of various aircraft. Not to mention the sounds and smells of these impressive machines.

Being an adventurous individual I would love to travel the world and experience so much more. It will all come one day, but for now i’m working hard in Edinburgh and learning what I can from this virtual tour. I will be seeing some of the sights on offer. Trying to find various foods from each country I visit. Listening to music styles and generally embracing what ever cultural differences can be found.

If you share an enthusiasm for aviation or travel, then please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this diary. I’d love to hear from other people. Especially if you come from any of the locations I will be travelling to!

Hope you enjoy my adventures.


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