Flight 92) Christmas Island YPXM – Bali WADD

I was beginning to embrace the feeling of warm sunny weather in virtual Indonesia when I noticed the outside air temperature was 26 degrees! Even through the summer this year, Edinburgh has been very grey, wet and struggled to break 19 degrees. I really am craving some actual sun.

Today’s flight is a pretty long one at 640 nautical miles (736 miles) and an estimated 3 hours 17 minutes! These distances require 121 gallons of fuel whilst my small plane only carries a maximum of 136. I’m going to have to keep an eye on fuel and efficient flying. I wanted to get an early start today so began my taxi to the fuel pumps at 7:40. I seemed to be the only plane here. Filling the fuel tanks from the 88 gallons I had left over from my previous flight would have taken a while so I took the opportunity to make myself a drink and get comfortable for the 3 hours ahead.

I fought strong crosswinds as I took off shortly after 8:00 from runway 36 heading directly north. (Runway 36 refers to the 360th degree direction that the runway is pointing. A runway pointing due east would be runway 09 in accordance to the 90th degree, whilst westwards would be runway 27 referencing the 270 degree angle.) I could see that the sunshine was trying hard to break through the overcast sky but at least it was still dry.


I entered a steep climb to push through the clouds hanging at 3,000 feet and soon burst through to a gorgeous blue sky and bright sun above whilst looking down on the blanket covering of cloud. The weather up here really was so much calmer as my Beechcraft Baron comfortably ate up the miles.

At 8:45 the clouds below finally ended and I was able to look down at the sparkling sea water. The blue water seemed to blend in with the sky on the horizon and it was very difficult to spot the point in which one met the other. 20 minutes later and I got my first glimps of land coming into view through the misty horizon. I could see volcanos and mountains on the land ahead as I drew closer to my first waypoint over the land. I always feel more relaxed when flying over land, especially during longer flights where one eye will consistantly be watching the fuel gauges.


Turning right to a heading of 075 I followed the coastline and checked off the various mountains I could see as I went. Mt Guntur, Mt Cikuray, Mt Galunggung could all be seen together and rose above the rest of the landscape. Some of these volcanos are still active! As I continued to fly east I wanted to fly through 2 larger peaks, Mt Sindoro and Mt Sumbing although this forced me to climb and burn more fuel unnecessarily.


I decided to take a short refuel stop at Marmo airport just so that I didn’t have to worry about the fuel levels aany longer. Touching down at 10:10 on runway 08 I was back in the air only a matter of 12 minutes later and able to continue without concern. Passing over Adi Sumarmo WARQ and Iswahyudi WARI I could see that I wasn’t far from my destination. I soon saw the city of Denpasar and knew that Bandar Udara International airport WADD was just a little south of the city so called in my landing intentions. After such a long flight, I was disappointed in myself when I landed with a small bounce although they do say that any landing you walk away from is a good landing, so maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh on myself.

I was looking forward to learning more about Bali as I am imagining stilted beach huts over lookin the ocean as well as lush tropical forests. Time to see if my preconceptions are at all accurate.

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