Flight 84) Ho Chi Minh – Bangkok

Ho Chi Minh (VVTS) to Bangkok (VTBD)

I learnt a lot about Vietnam during my virtual travels here although much like my time in Japan, once again the violence of war tainted much of the information I discovered. I was keen to move on to Bangkok as I have known several friends to have been here for vacation and have confirmed that the city really does live up to the “expectations.”

Loading FSX at 11:30 and plotting a very quick route I checked the flight plan for details. With a distance of 419.8  nm I would be flying for just over 2 hours and using up 79 gallons of fuel. Seeing as I only had 29 gallons on board, my first point was to refuel via the airports own fuel trucks. After a very long wait I decided to simply fill the tanks to the 168 gallons and 100% of their capacity. By 12:05 I was ready to depart the rather quiet Tansonnhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh city.

Taking off into an immediate steep climb I quickly re-trimmed the aircraft and gazed out over a very flat landscape with a single mound in the far distance. At least the weather has been remarkably clear in this part of the world as I was welcomed by another clear, blue, cloudless sky.

Just before reaching lake Torlé Sap I chose to liven up the flight a little by requesting a touch and go landing at Kampong Chhnang Airstrip (VDKH). Touching down twice on runway 18 I saw that time was ticking by quickly so continued with the flight. The waters of Torlé Sap looked incredibly mirky with a shade of muddy green rather than blue. By this time a few clouds had gathered over the water which I kept an eye on for the 24 minutes it was due to take to cover the lake end to end.


The rest of the flight was very straight forward and I simply let the plane fly in the correct heading for the best part of the next hour. The closer I got to Bangkok, the busier the radio got. This airport was not going to be anywhere near as quiet as Ho Chi Minh. Touching down on runway 21L I soon taxied my way to gate 25 ready to see what everyone was talking about within Bangkok.

“Jai Yen” = “Cool Heart” (Stay calm)

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