Flight 83) Da Nang – Ho Chi Minh

Leaving the sunny city of Da Nang at midday, I was greeted with a beautiful blue, cloudless sky and I was looking forward to the flight ahead. I began by checking the route and fuel requirements and saw that I had just enough left in the tanks to make the distance providing I was careful with my fuel economy. A later leg of the around the world tour will see me attempting to fly from Hawaii to San Francisco. This distance between the two destinations is way over the range of the aircraft so I will need to modify the plane somewhat as well as manage the fuel to the best of my abilities. Whilst it would have been safer to refuel at this point, I decided to treat this flight as a learning experience to attempt to gauge limitations of fuel consumption in preparation for longer flights ahead.
Da Nang airport was extremely busy with many other aircraft leaving at the same time as me. I followed a small Piper as I taxied to the runway and waited in turn as 7 other aircraft took off before me. It had been a long time since I had seen a queue like that at an airport.
Once I took off from runway 17 Left I began my gentle climb. The slow speed of my Beech Baron 58 meant that I did not clear the airport as quickly as I would have liked. A Boeing jet had obviously taken off after me and soon passed me. I was prompted to report sighting of this plane which I saw surprisingly close just off my 10 o’clock. This added to the nerves I already felt due to watching the fuel levels closely.
The landscape consisted of rolling hills covered by a blanket of forest. I thought of the dense vegetation below which the US troops would have had to fight in as well as the protection it must have given to the Viet Cong. From this height the temperature was 10 degrees. This would be a warm day for Edinburgh UK.
As I continued to 10,000 feet I saw the hills get gradually larger but I knew that these would be of no concern, so I was able to relax a little and simply enjoy the amazing weather. Whilst the rest of the flight was rather non eventful I took the opportunity to play around with the GPS systems until I got closer to Ho Chi Minh city.
I began preparing for my landing at 14:00 with plenty of fuel left in my tanks. I realised that I could probably get a lot better distance out of the plane that I had originally thought. By lining up with the Dong Na and Sóng Sái Gón rivers I was soon ready to land on Runway 25 Right of Tan Son Nhat International Airport. My wheels hit down hard and I soon found my parking spot. Luckily there was no damage done although I am not sure how the plane would have faired in real life.

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