New Year, New Goodies…

2016 was a pretty good year for the Home Pilot Adventures blog as it received a lot more traffic than I had previously expected. I was also lucky enough to be provided with some fantastic scenery of Hong Kong by the wonderful people at FlyTampa. – Thanks again.

Whilst 2016 saw the Home Pilot Adventure blog reach more people than ever, I did not get to complete nearly as many flights as I had wanted. Having spent a number of years virtually touring the world already, the current pace would require many more years before I finish the tour. It is about time I pick up a gear and try to complete more flights and see more about each destination. Hopefully I will be able to publish one a week so stay tuned for more updates.

Upon reaching a new year as well as achieving the miles stone of the 80th flight around the world, I figured I deserved a small treat and would add to my flight sim set up. I saw an advert through a flight sim Facebook group from somebody wanting to sell a Track IR set. Track IR is a device which allows you to “put your head in the game,” so to speak.

A small device which looks similar to a web cam sits on top of the computer screen and tracks your head movements in real time. This signal is then translated on screen by the virtual camera allowing you to turn your own head and look around in game. This adds a massive step to immersiveness when flying and I had wanted to get one primarily for the combat flight sim, DCS. Now that the Track IR is set up correctly, I will be enjoying the view from my Beech Baron cockpit to a deeper degree than before.

I also purchased the Orbx Airport HD Texture pack, just to make each of the default airports and landing strips that little better. With another 122 airports to land at before I finish the tour at least, I knew this would be worth having.

I have also been looking for a model of the Beechcraft Baron G58 although have been surprisingly unlucky. Through all of the searching I have only found a single company offering such models. This would be a hand crafted, carved mahogony construction and will cost upwards of £200 with shipping. I’ll be looking for cheaper alternative options through out the year though. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

For now, it is time to start up the engines once again and continue on my around the world tour. Over the next few months I shall be travelling through Tawan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia on my way to Australia! Please stay tuned for the rest of this virtual ride and drop me a message along the way.

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