Flight 74) Hong Kong – Shanghai

Since landing at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak airport I have been emmersing myself in images and videos from this amazing city. Hong Kong has firmly landed a spot on my bucket list and I will be looking to organise a holiday here in the next couple of years. Whilst researching into this city, I also took an interesting look at the newer Hong Kong International Airport which was built right out of the ocean. By reclaiming land and merging two islands into one, the epic Hong Kong International has become one of the worlds largest airports. I was keen to check it out with my Beech Baron before I left Hong Kong.
I fired up the engines just before 14:00 and followed the strip of tarmac out into Kowloon Bay. The light rain I had taxied through had now stopped and was replaced by fog as I rose into the sky. Within minutes of being airboure I contacted Hong Kong International to request my landing. I was told to make right traffic and to land on Runway 7 Right. This would put my on the south runway so I decided to follow the main motorway whihc runs south of the airport. I used Google Streetview to see this journey during the week and knew that I would have flown over Hong Kong’s Disney land following this route.

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The Bridges easily marked out my route and it was a simple matter of following the road for couple of minutes until the airport was in sight. This would have been much more simple without the thick fog still hanging in the air.
Once I made my turn to line up with the runway, there were not mountains or buildings to contend with as I was coming in over the water.
The airport was extremely busy with all types of aircraft arriving and departing. I understood how busy the airport once when I finally reached my parking gate and requested the fuel truck, just to find that that I was 7th in a queue.
It wasn’t until 16:00 when the rain finally eased up and I decided to take my leave from Hong Kong in favor for the lights and heights of Shanghai. Although the rain had stopped the fog had rolled in again and was kept low by blankets of cloud. Once getting my radios sorted and requested taxi clearence, I pushed back from Gate “W48” at 16:12 to begin one of the longest taxi routes of the tour.
I waited patiently for a Piper to take off before me whilst listening to the very busy radios of both ground operations and the control tower. Eventually I was taking to the skies once more at 16:30 and climbed to my designated 6,000 ft height as detailed in my IFR.
I passed through many large fluffy clouds and sat at 10,000 ft for quite a while. By 17:08 I noticed the sun was setting behind me and decided to cancel my IFR in order to have a little more freedom to fly lower over the lakes and hills glowing in the sun light below. Out of my right hand window I could see another coast line slipping further and further away as I flew gradually inland.
The sun dropped quickly and soon the street lights were coming on below. The only other light being the reflected sun rippling off of the river below looking very pretty as the sun set all together. 45 minutes away from my next way point I changed heading to get back on course and enjoyed the uneventful flight in the dimming light. The following waypoint from this was the best part of an estimated 3 hours away. I admit that I used the auto pilot to hold my small plane on course at a comfortable 10,000 ft once more.
By 19:00 it was completely dark with only the lights from populated areas providing any reference to where the ground was beneath the thick cloud and bubbling thunderstorms below. The sky was sparsly lit by the occasional lights of another aircraft coming and going.
As I got closer to Shanghai I dropped altitude and rode out some very rough turbulence at 5,000 ft. I had hit the thunderstorm I had previously been listening to and saw purple flashing of lighting in all directions. I was keen to reach this new exciting city and get my wheels on firm ground again.
The landing came quicker than I had expected and was guided in by the very bright lights of the runway. In the dark I was unable to make out much of the city itself and new that I would have to leave Shanghai in the daylight to get a good view of any landmarks.

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Shanghai China – Never Sleeping City – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auKglj7y3bg
I’M IN SHANGHAI?! | Solo Asia Travel Vlog 2016 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-q8tBo8LvA
Visit Shanghai – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate About Shanghai, China – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0HLoEKWqkc
A Mind-Bending Walk Through Shanghai – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mJDi9Io4PA
Climbing Shanghai Tower (650 Meters) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLDYtH1RH-U

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