Flight 56) Mumbai – Karad

I have been completing rather short flights lately which meant that I have not had a need to refuel for quiet a while, although as I fired up my instruments I saw that I was rather low. I requested the fuel truck which eventually came to me 3rd in line and allowed me to fill my tanks again. Whilst waiting I noticed that outside air temperature was up to 25 degrees. At 12:40 I suppose it had reached the warmest part of the day. Once refueled, I taxied to Runway 27 via F1 G B3 and H taxi ways. It could be very easy to get lost in larger airports such as these. I would like to acquire some airport plates which provide directions and instructions for navigating all of these routes however I hear that the official documents cost a lot of money. I waited for the many aircraft ahead of me to reach the runway and leave for their own destinations one by one.

I took off at 13:04, tuned to Mumbai Departure and adopted my squawk code for the flight, 1753. I had to turn back over the city slightly to face the correct heading and once again saw hills ahead of me. It was a relief to be able to see the hills in the distance as most of my flights lately have been shrouded in fog.

The 5,000 ft altimeter mark soon passed by and I was on my way. The air had gotten even warmer as it was now 23 degrees outside. I would like to get used to this weather. Maybe not the fog though. From this height I was able to spot small islands just off the coastline as well as some small mountain peaks behind the hills.

Reaching the first hill that was almost as high as my aircraft, I buzzed 2 small buildings on the very top and found a rather long lake behind. I was about to cut the throttle to take a nice low view of the lake although soon through against that idea as it would have been an even harder climb at the far end of the lake to hop over the opposite mountain. Whilst I was thinking how quiet the radios were I noticed a thin white line as a larger jet liner flew several thousand feet above me.

2015-3-24_9-39-20-1352015-3-24_9-44-16-877Passing over a plateau on the opposite hill I soon dropped slightly to the valley floor and found the river I was to follow. There were many side rivers connecting along the way and had already seen on the map that this would result in a large lake. Spotting many small huts on the edge of the water I enjoyed a slow and low fly by of the lake until I reached the opposite end. I later discovered that this lake was Shivasagar Lake. A man made reservoir as a result of Koyna Dam at the South end of the lake. The Simulator had done a good job on emulating the green vegetation.DSC_3167


At the end of the lake my flight path meant a 90 degree left turn, which took me down a very open valley with many fields and buildings below. This was also where the main road to Karad lead past the lake. I followed the road to the city and attempted to contact the airport. There was no real conversation to be had with the tower as turned out to be a small air strip with no other taxi ways or aircraft. Declaring my landing intentions was all I could do and made sure to enter a full landing pattern whilst checking wind direction. This was so I could choose the appropriate runway, 10 or 28. After passing over the air field I chose to land on runway 10 and my wheels touched down at 14:08 despite still being close to 2000 ft high.



Karad Airstrip

panoramic-view-of-karad-347595466 big1387948046karad-maharashtra

Karad – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvxnJL1Evhs

“My Dream City Karad” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG97YBjqJlQ

Photos from Karad City – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOQdenvCIVU

Dancing in Karad – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XC_vI4l3hSQ

India Got Talent – Karad Boys – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20Y3An8QUEM

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