Flight 55) Surat – Mumbai

Once again the think fog I had seen all over India had smothered Surat airport. This time my wheels didn’t even leave the ground. I did my usual start up routine although when contacting Surat tower my take off request was denied due to the weather. I though better of attempting to take off in this weather as well as without permission and I decided to leave it for another day.

At 11:00 the following day I loaded the flight simulator and checked on the weather. Whilst there was a slight haze to the air, the fog was nowhere near as bad as the previous day. I was soon rolling down the  surprisingly short runway 22 and was in the air once again. Immediately flying over the bridge and boats I spotted whilst flying into Surat I completed a full 270 degree turn to loop over the city on my departure. The haze was visible but at least there were no clouds to contend with.


The landscape stretched out before me and was rather flat with a hint of higher land on the horizon where I was due to be flying to. Whilst approaching the hills a few clouds had formed at 4,000 ft which were easy enough to fly over. At 6 minutes away from the start of the hills I began to descend so that I could enjoy some low flying through the valleys and tree topped hills. Inside the valleys the fog was still lingering and reduced my visibility meaning I couldn’t always see the next hill. I had to stay alert to ensure that I didn’t fly into the side of any hills or clip any trees. I certainly added a sense of excitement to the flight.

By the time I had reached a second ridge line the fog had lifted again to reveal clear blue skies. Once again the birds were enjoying the thermals created by the sunlight now able to heat up the forests below. I noticed the first electricity pylon in a very long time. I can’t say that I had been looking out for them but had only just noticed the lack of them.

The mountains and hills disappeared in the distance and as I reached the last valley and as I hugged the ground as much as I could the ground soon faded away from me and dropped a good couple of thousand feet. The view of the open landscape came as a surprise as I once again found myself flying high without having to climb at all. Now I wasn’t having to navigate my way though the terrain I had time to contact Mumbai Airport and declare my landing intentions. I dropped altitude towards the airport and entered a left turn landing pattern. My small plane flew over the last low hills and rivers before heading out over the sea once again ready to complete my turn on to my final approach.



There was a lot of radio traffic and I could see that Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport was considerably larger than any airport I had visited since Dubai. Once my wheels were on firm ground again I was still ordered to hold my position several times during taxiing to prevent collisions with multiple Boeing 737s, an Airbus A321, and a landing MD-80.



I enjoy the activity of a busy airport even if it does take 20 minutes to taxi to my parking spot.


mumbai-population-2013MumbaiMumbai-airport8917613610940977671818702 Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport


The Most Expensive Home In The World

12-slum-mumbai-indiaInk-superJumbo beginnbild-slum mumbai_slum_20120709india_mumbai_economy_2012_9_24

Mumbai Slums

Mumbai_skyline88907mumbai-city-highlights-small-group-tour-in-mumbai-104592 mumbai-india mumbai-picsrailway-station-mumbai-olson_69851_990x742

Helicopter tour of Mumbai – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4l1YxoHNos

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