New Aircraft!

I have spent a long time flying around the virtual world whilst undertaking this tour. So far I have logged over 18,000 miles. (That’s over 15,500 nautical miles.)

My small Beech Baron 58 aircraft has been very faithful and of course has required no maintenance. If only I could have said the same thing about my computer.

Now that I have reached one of the major destinations of my journey I have been playing with the idea of upgrading my aircraft to something a little bigger and more powerful. Maybe a small jet powered bird.

Looking online for available add-on aircraft which suited my criteria I was extremely impressed with the Embraer Phenom 100. A small business jet with some very sleek looks.



I decided to bask in the wealthy atmosphere of Dubai and treat myself to this new aircraft before I had actually landed in Dubai and was looking forward to seeing it sitting on the tarmac at one of the worlds largest and busiest international airports in the world.. Whilst the real life machine would cost a neat sum circa £2.2 Million, my own version from Carenado, was nicely with in my budget.

The Phenom 100 has been recreated with amazing levels of detail and I was especially impressed with the interior lighting. I know that I will enjoy flying this machine at night.

20090415-phenom-100-hr exterior Phenom_100_EMB-500_Cockpit_201120721


Further Tech Specs –  

Whilst taking a look at the Phenom 100 in FSX My machine did take a hit in performance resulting in reduced frame rates. This may be a factor in deciding if I will continue my World Tour using this aircraft. Equally the drop in frame rate performance is no doubt also being affected by the fact that I am currently flying from the FlyTampa Dubai add on software. I am still to decide if I shall remain with the Beech Baron 58 which I have come to know and love or work with the new Phenom 100 until I reach some better frame rates. Of course there is always the option of upgrading my PC to help in this performance drop. I have decided to spend some time in Dubai whilst testing various aircraft and learning much much more about this amazing city.

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