9 Months Later…

Well it seemed that the hard emergency landing had caused a lot more of a problem that I had first thought. My PC had been temperamental for a number of weeks before hand but I lived with it so long as it was still able to run my Flight Sim, FSX. In the few days after landing on Socotra my PC decided not to boot up at all. It seems that my PC has gotten into this World Tour realism a little more than I had expected.

At the time my PC had failed on me, I was earning a very low income and had no extra cash to spend on fixing my PC, although I am well aware that would be a lot less than it would be to fix a real Beech Baron aircraft. For this reason it was pretty safe to say I would be stranded on Socotra for the foreseeable future. To be fair there were worse places to have been stranded.

My PC sat in the corner of my living room for close to 9 months before my life turned around for the better, I am now in a much better job and able to earn some decent wages once again.

I decided to look into purchasing a new PC and soon pushed my budget beyond £800. This is when I decided that it would be cheaper and more economical to fix the machine I already had. So 9 months and £50 to a PC repair guy based here in Edinburgh later, and I was back up and flying. After so long away from adding air miles to my Around The World Tour I have been itching to get back into the virtual sky.

I decided to sit down with my world map, Google Earth and flight list and have seen that there are several more places I would love to visit which are not on the official route. I have planned several diversions for the next phase of the tour which will be taking me well above the 80 original flights. I am now up to 80 planned flights which will take me to Australia. From the UK this is only half way around the world! Looks like I am in for many many more flying hours. And much more fun.

It has been great to discover so much more about the world beyond my door step and being able to do it from my own office chair is equally impressive. Technology certainly makes planet Earth a smaller place to live.

With only a few more flights until I reach the wealth and luxury of Dubai I have been considering an upgrade of aircraft to continue my journey around the world. I am very impressed with the Carenado E50P Phenom 100 and believe that this would be the perfect upgrade in a city such as Dubai. I shall be thinking about this upgrade a lot over the next few flights. Not long until I touching down in Dubai.

My PC now being fixed, the usual installations, upgrades and addon packs have now been installed and I was anxious to get back to flying. After stretching my wings, so to speak I configured my Beech Baron and located it at Socotra Island, Yemen, then took off for a short tour of the island to ensure I was comfortable with the controls and shortcut keys. The island looked rather bland from the air within the simulator. After learning how much beauty was on the island it left me wishing to complete this tour first hand so much more. Clearly a Simulator can never do justice to Earths actual beauty.

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