Although I was aiming for a mid-day take off I ran a little late after refuelling and allowing for other aircraft taking off and landing on the single runway. When it was time to depart I followed a Learjet down the runway before turning around to take off from runway 31. Once lined up and I had eased the throttle to full I could see the flash of lightening in front of me. I only saw the one flash and knew that I would soon be above the clouds.

My IFR route was set at 10,000 ft for the journey. My Sat Nav was advising of just over 5 hours in the air and with a huge expanse of ocean passing below I wasn’t too concerned about staying low. I’m glad I spent that extra time refuelling now.

I had soon left any signs of bad weather behind me as the sky became completely clear. Climbing even higher I cut back on the fuel mixture as I needed to use the fuel rather sparingly on this flight. I should really look into the maximum range of this aircraft on a full tank. I keep the plane pretty light as I only need to account for myself and for a modest amount of luggage.

The occasional tone difference between the blue of the sea was pretty much the only points I could relate my travel to. Without them it would have simply been an endless void of ocean. I wonder how later flights between continents will go.

sey-kis 01

Reaching the half way point I looked like I was doing alright for fuel. With nowhere to land until I reached mainland Africa again, it was safe to say I was a little nervous.

I passed over a couple of thunderstorms over the ocean but neither of them lasted for long and the clouds thinned out again to a gentle dusting. I will also admit to using the auto pilot on this flight. It is something I try very hard not to use but once I had climbed to the correct altitude and pointed the nose in the right direction there was little else to do.

Later into the journey the sun was getting lower in the sky and was glaring through my window. It was a bit of a race to see who would touch the horizon first.

At 100 miles away from Kisimayu airport I was given my first instructions for my landing approach which took me off the route set by the sat nav. Not long after a tiny slither of land crept over the horizon. I was heading back to Africa.

As I came into land on runway 23 the sun was very low in the sky but hadn’t quite began to set. I was greatful for the clear weather so I could spot the runway. I flew low over a main road with a lot of traffic and struggled to line up with the runway due to strong crosswinds. Making a few adjustments I landed the wheels either side of the central white line. I think I have got the hang of this landing business by now. There are no parking spots at Kisimayu airport within FSX so I parked up next to the control tower to switch the plane off with still a quarter of my fuel tanks left. I did well to conserve fuel but I need not have been worried.

sey-kis 02

Now, where’s the fuel….

kismaayo 0 kismaayo 02 kismaayo 03

Back to Africa and back to the violence. Kisimayu was a stark contrast to the beauty I saw on The Seychelles. It’s a shame that there is so much beauty in the world which is often spoiled by the mentality of mankind.

It has been tricky trying to find suitable video about Kisimayu. It seems there are a lot of news broadcasts documenting the violence and warfare. I am confident to say Kisimayu is not exactly a tourist destination to say the least.

Kisimayu Airport Worker – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LkyIstIQes

Refurbished Kisimayu Airport – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObGg6t8RM7w

Short video from Kisimayu – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWEzOiQjkbo

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