Detour… Flight 28) Blantyre – Harare


At this point in the journey, the official flight plan is to travel to the east shores to reach the city of Durban. After travelling this far south within Africa, I really would like to reach Cape Town. I have sat down with Google Earth and planned out a little African detour which will give me a few more stops on my journey but ultimately take me to the major city of Cape Town. Although this will add an extra amount of flights to the tour, it would be silly not to visit, so the next few flights are my own detour stop offs.

Flight 28) Blantyre – Harare

The first flight on my added detour to Cape Town departs from Blantyre and takes a small trip south west to Harare. Flying over mostly green land below, I crossed a rather large river which I saw on the IPhone map that this was the Zambezi River.


Zambezi River

As I continued towards Harare I spotted a very small landing strip in Kotwa and wondered what it would be like to be a local of that area and use a dirt runway on a common basis. I think I would be pretty nervous taking off or landing on a strip like that in real life.

Finding a main road (A2) which I could follow all the way to Harare The rest of the journey was very straight forward. Harare is a large city again with the airport to the south. As I landed I could see the city lights out of my right hand window and made me want to check out what the city had to offer.


Harare City, Zimbabwe.

Harare Zimbabwe. Still a gem, Part 1:

Harare Zimbabwe. Still a gem, Part 2:

Harare Zimbabwe. Still a gem, Part 2:

Harare City Center:

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