Flight 21) Juba – Entebbe

I took off from Juba with extremely dense fog and had to fly by the instruments only. As I climbed above the fog I found myself within the clouds. The few breaks in the clouds allowed me to see the terrain below just as much as the clouds began to tower above me. As the sky turned darker with the clouds turned deeper shades of grey, the rumble of thunder came through the mists.

As my journey took me over Lake Kyoga the skies lit up with purple bolts of lightning and the turbulence shook my light aircraft around a fair bit. This continued for the rest of the journey. I reached Entebbe airport with very little visibility and couldn’t even get a visual confirmation on the runway. Heading over the vast Lake Victoria I turned around and was guided in by the airport until I could make out the lights of the runway.

Touching down on the wet tarmac was a relief but also a great end of an exciting flight. Little did I know how much drama Entebbe had seen in the past. Details of the famous hijacked aircraft which landed at Entebbe are covered in the video links.



Raid on Entebbbe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1ct-meb6U0

Entebbe Town: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kufAQ0TxQI

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