Aircraft of choice…

I completed the lessons within the flight simulator to become familiar with light aircraft. Whilst training in a Cessna 172, I have taken the twin prop, Beech Baron 58 to be my aircraft of choice. I find the controls and layout very simple to get along with whilst using as many “realistic” settings within the simulator as possible including live updated weather information downloaded every 15 minutes. Running out of fuel and crashing the plane are very real (if not actually life threatening) possibilities.

I have selected my own tail number of CJW29 for no other reason that those are my initials and day of birth. I have also assigned the call sign “Pacifica 112.” I own a Yamaha Pacifica 112 electric guitar and this name was something I could easily recognise out of the radio chatter I am going to have to negotiate during my travels.


Beech Baron 58

Tech specs for the enthusiasts:

Beech Baron Review:

I will be collecting photos and links to YouTube videos. Click on any of the links to watch the videos from each stop on my tour. None of the photos or videos are mine in anyway. The occasional screen grab however, will be mine.

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